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Dogan Technologies creates software to help harness the power of data.

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We are an interactive business with a focus on software development and analytics. Our consultants know how to deliver quality applications from miles away. Contact us today to tell us more about your project!

Our Ideology




We communicate with our clients on a regular basis. We provide agile teams so the client can focus on their own business and let us handle the software development.




We provide up to date tools and libraries for our clients. We create pipelines and develop SaaS applications. We document our code and make everything readable.


Your Idea,
Our Code

Your Idea,
Our Code

We work with you to create high quality applications. Our software experts and full stack developers work in an agile environment. We deploy your applications on the cloud.


1. Software Development

Our team of consultants and developers take care of end-to-end development of both the front end and the back end. We utilize data analytics techniques to model raw data into useful information that supports your software. Our team is able to deliver quality products on time and at competitive costs.

2. Mobile Applications

We create applications on the cloud, and create mobile applications for users. Our team is experienced in creating Android and iOS applications. We create the software based on your needs, so you do not have to over pay. We have years of programming experience, so you do not have to code anything.

3. Digital Marketing

Our team is ready to work on new or existing projects. We are an experienced team of software developers, but we also know how to market your idea. We can expand your business by advertising online and finding the best engagements. We can drive traffic to your business and increase revenue. Let's get started on your project today!

4. Algorithms and Analytics

Our experts provide Artificial Intelligence driven products to organizations for reimagining their businesses for the digital age. We offer an integrated portfolio of technology, products and services to startups and large enterprises that face difficulties with new data initiatives. We help the enterprises to discover insights from big data and enable to automate their processes using analytics.

5. Machine Learning

We develop machine learning solutions for businesses that allow them to stay ahead of the competition. Our solutions are put together on the latest, most advanced technologies and algorithms, so that your business can receive all the benefits of cost efficiency, scalability, flexibility, manageability, and security. We create milestones for your project and inform you about every aspect.

6. Deep Learning

All our consultants have years of industry experience in delivering deep learning projects. They understand your business and the specific AI solutions that will deliver you the best results. Our developers work on all types of projects and deploy applications on the cloud. Our image recognition algorithms use deep learning to detect objects and can be used in image segmentation.


Our Trade

Coding, Researching, and
Innovating for people like you...

Our highly skilled software architects determine the scope of the work for you and work with you to move the project forward.

How we started it

Our business started in a research lab at Southern Connecticut State University. Dogan Technologies has worked with Fortune 500 companies and startups in various industries. Our team believes the power of software and artificial intelligence can change the world, that is why we created Dogan Technologies.


Our team works to overachieve, that is why we are so different. We provide the cheapest prices for on demand development and analytics. Our team is made up of professors, entrepeneurs, scientists, and developers.


We make projects affordable for everybody, and give an accurate timeline of when the job will be finished. We will work with you as a partner and inform you about every aspect of the project.


John Dogan
  • Name: John Dogan
  • Position: Founder/Data Scientist
  • Phone:+1 203-397-6112
  • Email: [email protected]

Hello, my name is John Dogan. I am the founder of Dogan Technologies and manage our development team.

An energetic, motivated, highly dynamic, creative and well-accomplished professional armed with broad-based background and skills in Data Science and Software Development. Business-minded data scientist with a demonstrated ability to deliver valuable insights via data analytics and advanced data-driven methods. Relied on as a key advisor in driving global, business growth; gains in customer loyalty; and record-setting profit improvements. Experienced at creating data regression models, using predictive data modeling and analyzing data mining algorithms to deliver insights and implement action-oriented solutions to complex business problems. High-performance technologist skilled at defining, designing and implementing a highly secure, continuous-deployment pipeline to update applications in cloud environments. Possess excellent experience to modify software to fix errors, adapt it to new hardware, improve its performance, or upgrade interfaces. Knowledgeable on how to direct system testing and validation procedures. Customer satisfaction is always a priority for us at Dogan Technologies, I hope to hear from you soon.


We deploy our specialized team for your projects.

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Our team is from the United States, but our clients live all over the world.

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